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Thankfully, we are blessed with having a good round robin – that means we have the luxury of saying, “okay, we’re going to take time off, actually: – relax a bit, not be as efficient in practice just to give him time to rest.

I started feeling pain back in December, when I was still at home – but it was just kinda like, mild pain, it was just like, kinda annoying – wasn’t really hurting that much. But then – ever since then, it’s been like, just low-key pain, and then one month ago, it started hurting a bit more, so then I actually started doing something about it, because before that I was just like, doing some wrist exercises and that was about it.

I think the pain started becoming unbearable around the week where we played SK – maybe even, I think a week before that. So, yeah. Back then, I decided that I should probably treat it a bit more seriously, ‘cause I started to get more worried, because it had been going on for quite a while. So, I stopped playing solo queue entirely, and just played like, two games of scrims per day, so just to see how much I can actually play before it starts hurting too much. Since the Vitality game, I haven’t played a single game. And I’m just kinda resting and doing like, physio appointments and stuff like that.

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I got in touch with G2 like, two or three weeks ago, where they basically just asked what I was doing or if I was available to, y’know, sign with the team or just help them out. And they briefed me that Mikyx had some wrist issues, and I just took the chance ‘cause I thought it was like, a great opportunity for me to get to play – like, not only get to play ‘cause I haven’t played for – in a team in months, but also like to play with the best players in Europe. So yeah – I mean, it was a very easy choice for me – as soon as I got the offer, or like the opportunity, but that’s just basically how it went.

At first, I maybe wasn’t supposed to play on stage as well with the team but yeah, it just turned out to be, so I’m happy for that as well. I just thought that he would be good enough, ‘cause whenever I played against him in solo queue, he was one of the better supports that I played against, like at least laning phase wise – and I already knew from before, when he played on previous teams, that he was kinda the main shotcaller in his previous teams, so like, I think he’s a bit underrated by the community because he played in like kinda bad teams beforehand. – it’s the only way. But now you’re – it’s like grabbing a mouse with your other hand, no?

Just put it on the edge of the plate and just. The entire chicken – you have to hold like this. You have to eat it only with your mouth. But you have to put the plate on the table, ‘cause you’re using your wrists, holding the plate. It’s true. So do it like this?

It seemed like you lost. Soak in the history that is this game. These teams have met 33 times before – 18-15 in favour of G2. It’s the fourth Baron and now G2, they’re gonna teleport in Wunder. I think it’s the fifth Baron.

And this – I think it’s the sixth? I dunno, either way. It doesn’t matter, ‘cause it’s already been started up by Fnatic. Here we go, here we go – MEDIC: It’s the fourth Baron going – double Mountains are the target that’s gone – MEDIC: G2 are pushing mid – they have – they’re Realm Warping! They’re Realm Warping in! G2 are going into the base. The Baron buff, though – they can get the recalls, how many can they stop?

G2 are looking for the win! Can they pull it off? The Realm Warp – once again, the Requiem comes out.

The Nexus! There’s no turrets! Oh noOoooh – no way! No way! The Nexus towers are helpless on the side of G2 – can the burst damage of Rekkles and Hylissang get in the backdoor?

Fnatic will beat G2, and now G2 is going shaky into playoffs. Can they actually make it? Or is it, is it going to be the repeat of Spring Season? CAPS: Yeah.

But listen to me. I know if I go 50 CS down in lane and still go 50 minutes into the game, I’m not losing Nexus three times. I’m not. Yeah? Yeah.

It’s actually 1-1. It’s actually 1-0. 1-0 – actually – I’m actually breaking his confidence. Yesterday, Syndra vs. Leblanc – Wait, but I actually won it, ‘cause I – Syndra vs. Leblanc, and now he’s losing again, like – I dunno. Wait a second, I actually won it ‘cause I actually killed your king. Actually, it’s playoffs Perkz.

I actually killed your king. You are actually so fucking inting. You cannot checkmate. Let’s go, let’s go again. This time, I won’t let you live. This time, I won’t let you live if I kill you. Just so you know.

Sure, yeah, you can go first, ‘cause you lost. Well, in that case, I’ll take this. WUNDER: Oh, wait – it’s like, it’s like a 50-50. Maybe it’s his, maybe it’s yours. We don’t know. This is the wildest game I’ve seen in my life.

And it doesn’t make any sense. Do you guys just – make up the rules on the go, or? No, it’s uh – it’s Chinese chess. Yeah, it’s Chinese chess – it’s like four piece chess. Nothing too out of the woodwork – you don’t expect G2 to show anything going into playoffs, they’ve already secured their spot as number one, so they’re going to Rotterdam at the very least – and they want to keep everything close to the chest. FROSKURINN: Here comes Hans Sama – MEDIC: Febiven still has the ultimate as well – Hans Sama opens up, but the ultimate was too. They got it!

MEDIC: – much power in the face of Perkz – the shutdown as well. Soaz jumps forward and you have to think this is game over for G2 – the first 0-2 week…  I mean, I don’t think the loss versus Fnatic was a worry. I think it’s a worry for them, honestly, that they could not close out the game with the lead like I gave them, and the VODs we gave them, right? I think – I think – I mean obviously it sucks to lose a close game like that, it was really hype game, it was really fun, it’s definitely like, it was a really fun game, right? But I’m not really worried. And obviously we’re not happy when we lose, right?

It always sucks to lose. But we made it very clear that at the start of the week, we would not – like we would put lesser effort in scrims – not in scrims, but like, play less games, and we would prepare less, just so we are refreshed when we come into playoffs, and we have more energy to give. So we made it very clear that we should not be upset about the week’s results, and now I think we’re gonna take a few days break, and then once we start practicing for playoffs, we’re gonna be at our best. I’m quite disappointed with the week, ‘cause G2 has been like, dominating the League; they were like, 13-3, I think, before I arrived, and now they are 13-5, which means I went 0-2.

So I’m like, sad about that part, because you always don’t want to be, like, a liability to the team. But I don’t feel like it’s like, just my fault that we lost the games, as well. I think I could’ve played better, for sure, but I think that goes for everyone, so I’m disappointed with the results, I’m slightly disappointed with my own performance, especially against Misfits, but I’m just excited to continue scrimming and like, continue to play against really good teams in Europe, and continue playing with a really good team, ‘cause I think I will learn a lot from it. So yeah, yeah sure, I’m like, I’m really hyped to just get a chance, yeah. I think everyone took it pretty well – even though it was our first 0-2 weekend, it didn’t actually feel like we went 0-2.

Since we’re already locked first, and we went into the week with like, less preparation and less practice, so I didn’t really expect that much from this week. Our expectations weren’t that high. And – the Fnatic game for example – we like, all of us thought it was really lost in the first 20 minutes, but then since the game went on to 40 minutes and we almost won it, then we were actually kinda happy with the game, and we actually took it kinda as a win, because I think if we meet in playoffs, I don’t think they can actually win three games against us – ‘cause they barely won one game.